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Smoothies that Heal

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This 30 page e-book contains 10 Smoothies that:

✅ Balance blood sugars ⁣

✅ Increase energy and concentration ⁣

✅ Support healthy digestion ⁣

✅ Balance hormone function ⁣

✅ Boost antioxidants and lower inflammation ⁣

✅ Are unbelievably nutritious and delicious 😋 ⁣


I’ve including tons of useful

additions and info such as:⁣

✏️An easy to read grocery list you you can print and take with you while shopping.⁣

✏️ A guide on the most nutritious smoothie ingredients so you can delve into the healing benefits of these superfoods.⁣

✏️ How to build your own smoothie:⁣
My fail-proof method to creating your own delicious smoothie that actually satisfies.⁣

✏️ Nutritional summaries that lets you know exactly how much protein, fiber and net carbs each smoothie has so you can easily navigate your nutrition goals.⁣

✏️ Lastly, tons of tips and tricks that will optimize your health! ⁣

I’m so excited to be sharing this with all of you!⁣ And it's absolutely free!

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