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Custom Meal Planning

Save time, money and energy and leave the planning to me.

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Easily reach your goals

Eat the foods you love

Family friendly


Meal planning is so much more than healthy eating. It's about creating a strategy that is individualized to your needs, effective, and easy to follow.

Hi I'm Melissa.

I help families improve their immune, mental and digestive health using traditional and science-based methods. I believe that there are natural, non-toxic solutions to every health challenge, and an individualized nutrition plan is a vital part of it. 


The world of nutrition is constantly changing and often people feel lost and overwhelmed with the amount of contradictory information out there, leading to fear, guilt and an unhealthy relationship with food. The hard truth is, there's no such thing as the "perfect diet". What worked for your neighbor most often, will not work for you. There is however, an Optimal Plan for you that takes into account your unique nutritional needs.


With my 17 years of experience in health and nutrition, my goal is to get you there so you can come out thriving.

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Specialized Nutrition

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Metabolic Diseases

  • Healthy weight-loss

  • Diabetes

  • PCOS

  • Hypo/hyperthyroidism

  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

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Children and Teens

  • ADHD

  • Allergies

  • Picky eaters

  • Eczema and acne

  • Frequent colds and flu

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Female Health

  • Endometriosis

  • Uterine fibroids

  • PMS

  • Menopause

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Pregnancy Support

  • Fertility

  • Prenatal nutrition

  • Postpartum needs

  • Lactation 

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Mental Health

  • Anxiety and panic

  • Depression

  • Stress management

  • Cognition and focus

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Digestive Health

  • Irritable Bowel Disease

  • Diverticulitis

  • Leaky-gut/Allergies

  • Gastric reflux/Heartburn

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Warm Sweet Potato and Lentil Salad.png
Warm Sweet Potato and Lentil Salad.png

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Every meal plan is carefully created so that you can reach your goals without having to sacrifice time and energy.

Simple and delicious recipes at your fingertips.


1. How does meal planning work?

We start by scheduling an initial intake. If you are a brand new client, this consultation is 1.5 hours long. The time is filled easily since we have a lot to review, including your complete health history, physical, mental and emotional health and your goals. You will be presented with a nutritional questionnaire which will offer clues to which body systems are imbalanced based on your symptoms, as well as a diet diary and a lifestyle assessment form. I then take all the information accumulated and create a Holistic Nutrition Plan based on your needs. By taking a "whole"-istic approach (a comprehensive plan that brings insight to the whole body and mind), you will achieve long-lasting success.

At the end of our Initial Intake we will decide what level of meal planning you need to make your life easier. All meal plans are offered as an add-on service. You can choose between a 7-Day or 21-Day Customized Meal Plan. Every Initial Intake also includes a BONUS Sample Custom 2-Day Meal Plan to get you started. Our scheduled Touch-Points will take place at the end of every meal plan week. This is where we asses your progress and prepare for the week ahead. If you would like to learn more before you start, BOOK A FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION.

2. I'm not a great cook. Is this going to be complicated?

With Custom Meal Planning we have the luxury of creating meals that are completely realistic to your lifestyle. This tailored approach also helps maximize your success. Only want to spend 30 minutes in the kitchen? No problem! We can keep meals to under 10 ingredients and under 30 minutes. Hate the clean-up? I have plenty of "one-pot" or "one-pan" meals for minimal dish-washing afterwards. We will also streamline prep time and choose ingredients that you are familiar with.

3. How will this plan help me loose weight?

Working with a holistic nutritionist and homeopath like myself, as opposed to a "big-box" nutrition service offers better outcomes because our focus will not be on calories and a one-size-fits-all starvation model, it will be all about you! My extensive intake and whole body and mind approach will reveal the underlying cause as to why you have not been able to reach you goal until now. 100% priority will be placed on your needs, eating the foods you love and learning a new way of living that will serve you for years to come.

4. Dinners are a challenge because I prepare meals for my entire family. My children are picky eaters, and my partner has their own dietary restrictions. I do not want to be cooking multiple meals a night. Can your meal plan accommodate this?

Absolutely! Let me know all of your household needs and we will make it work. I want to make your life easier so that you can achieve your goals.

5. I am a vegan looking for a prenatal nutrition plan. Can you respect my dietary preferences while helping me make sure my growing baby gets everything they need?

This is a very important concern and I absolutely recommend working with a professional in this case.  A growing baby needs adequate nutrition to support their development. We will take the time to review all of these requirements and design a meal plan that fulfills these needs while maintaining your plant-based diet. We will also include supplements to support prenatal development.

6. I have a restrictive diet due to allergies and pre-existing conditions but I am tired of eating the same old things. Are you able to offer variety so I can enjoy my meals again?


Many people feel discouraged when they hear they have to eat a certain way because of a newly diagnosed health condition or life-threatening allergy. An appropriate meal plan will allow you to have variety in your diet so you are not eating the same boring foods. Variety also ensure you are getting the appropriate nutrients so that you can thrive in your condition and better your health for the future.

7. Isn't meal planning expensive?

Meal planning actually saves you money. All my meal plans are accompanied by a shopping list so that you only have to visit the grocery store once every 1-2 weeks. You know exactly what you are looking for and in what quantities. This reduces food waste and transportation costs. Regarding meal plan fees: The more meal planning weeks you sign up for, the more you save! Not only is this better for your wallet, it also self-affirms that you are committed to this new lifestyle and all the good it will bring to your health and happiness.

8. How does meal planning work for kids?


Children's meal planning is very similar to adults in terms of fees and structure.  We focus on nutrient-rich,  immune boosting foods and expanding a picky eaters diet so the child can thrive. I have worked with families creating meal plans for ADHD, allergies, eczema, and auto-immune conditions. Depending on the age of the child, I highly recommend cooking these meals together. I also provide family friendly resources so that kids can get excited about healthy eating!

Here's what one client had to say about her experience.

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I have been a vegan for nearly six years, and I never knew if what I was eating was giving me all the nutrients I needed. I chose the meal plan with Mel because I wanted to lose weight and still have a healthy diet. Mel was great to talk to and took my concerns to heart. She created a very tasty and healthy meal plan for me that actually had way more food than I thought I was ever going to be allowed! I learned how to get more protein in my diet (which I wasn't getting enough of) and I learned how to cook with less fat without having to sacrifice flavour!


I felt the results almost instantly. Within a couple days I looked less bloated and felt more energetic. The meal plans were great! They were very detailed and organized with photos and nutritional information. I especially liked the helpful shopping tips.


At our Touch-Points, Mel would listen to my feedback from the previous week's meal plan and make adjustments. Overall, it was a great experience and I took away a lot of tasty, nutritious meal and general good practices for maintaining a healthy diet.

Stephanie R.

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Research shows, working one-on-one with a qualified nutritionist guarantees your success more-so than doing it on your own, or with a one-size-fits-all program.

Book your Free 30 minute Consultation with me to find out how meal planning can get you there. No risk, no obligation.

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