Are you looking for safe yet effective solutions to your family's health needs?

I help people identify the root cause of their illness while utilizing low-doses of natural medicines that work to gently stimulate healing.

Hi! I'm Melissa.

I graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors bachelor degree in Human Biology and a particular interest in Fetal and Developmental Biology. My interest in health and medicine landed me in a community pharmacy for 10 years, where I learned the many benefits as well as the limitations of conventional medicine and pharmaceutical drugs, especially in preventative and long-term health.

The families who walked through our doors struggled with over-use of antibiotics, mismanaged chronic health issues, frequent infections and deteriorating immune systems. Whatever they were doing was not working! However, it was only after my own personal health struggle with debilitating migraines that I found homeopathy- drawn primarily by it's gentle yet effective healing ability. 

I later went on to study homeopathy at the Ontario Collage of Homeopathic Medicine and graduated in 2013, with two Clinical Internship Awards from Boiron, world renowned leaders in homeopathic medicine. 

Working with me

I remember growing up, I suffered from frequent ear infection, which meant frequent visits to the pediatrician and plenty of banana-flavoured amoxicillin. At the time, there wasn't information available to my parents about preventative health, building your child's immune system or natural, alternative or complimentary solutions to our health challenges. There was only an endless frustrating cycle of ear infections and antibiotics with no resolution in sight. 


My goal for you and your family is to help break that cycle and finally get to the root of the problem. My strategy is integrative and holistic. My expertise in homeopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, holistic counseling and plant medicines, enable me with the tools to get to the root cause.

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