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  • Melissa Ieraci

Homeopathy for Sore Throat

Sore throats can be a scary thing, especially in children. There is always the potential risk that the soreness may be indicative of strep throat, which can have complications all its own. If this is a concern, it is best to consult your family doctor and inquire about a bacterial culture analysis, which is a simple throat swab. However, this may take a day or two and your doctor may suggest you begin a course of antibiotics prophylactically. I’m not a fan of this approach, as I’m sure most parents aren’t. So why not try Homeopathy.

There are many remedies for sore throat, so it is best to consult a Homeopath, but one of my favorites is Belladonna 30c for children.

Belladonna is great for sore throats that are bright red, swollen and have come on suddenly. The throat is angry and the slightest touch causes great pain, for example when swallowing or turning the head. Try dissolving the pellets in water and having your child take sips from the glass until the pain is relieved.

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