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  • Melissa Ieraci

My Airplane Related Anxiety

I’m not a great flyer. Any quiver of turbulence and I am reaching for my neighbour, whoever it may be, clutching for dear life. Before I began my career in holistic health I would be one of many passengers who would try mild sedatives to help ease the journey, but after discovering homeopathy and the many benefits it has, I couldn’t help but wonder what remedies would help keep me calm during my very long - and even short flights.

My favourite is Aconite!

This remedy has intense fear of death. It is often prescribed in situations of natural disaster and shock because the fear is all encompassing and very sudden. The fear comes and goes in bursts. When it’s gone you may even forget it existed, until it comes back round again and takes over your mind and body.

What is important to remember with Aconite is that the fear is out of proportion. You may be jumping out of your chair or calling for the flight attendants’ assistance. If you find yourself in this situation, take a few pellets of Aconite 30CH every 15 minutes, and enjoy the ride!

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