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  • Melissa Ieraci

Homeopathy for Hay Fever

After a long and drawn out winter, most of us are eager for the spring and summer seasons to begin. Sunshine, blooming flowers, freshly cut grass and dewy mornings are what make the summer months so appealing. However, if you are a chronic sufferer of seasonal allergies this time of year is bittersweet. Homeopathy can be an effective, drug-free solution to treating seasonal allergies, and the right constitutional Homeopathic remedy will have the longest lasting benefits, since it works by getting to the root of the issue, holistically and without side effects. A study of 50 patients, led by Dr David Reilly of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital reported an average improvement 10 times higher than that of the placebo group in the homeopathically treated subjects.

Here are some useful remedies to try this summer:

  • Allium cepa- Use this remedy when your nose is runny and burning and your eyes are bland and teary. Your symptoms are worse indoors than outdoors and you have a scratchy throat that feels as if there are hooks sticking into it, made worse by warm food and drink.

  • Sabadilla- This remedy is useful in hay fever symptoms that have you violently sneezing. Your eyes are watery, red and swollen. Eyelids are red and inflamed. You may also have a headache that feels as if your head was shrinking. You have a sore throat but warm drinks make it better.

  • Arundo- This remedy is very useful early in hay fever season, where there is a tickly nose and sneezing, but no discharge. The roof of your mouth and ears are very itchy.

There are also some great Homeopathic products on the market that can be picked up at your local health food store such as Sinus Ease and Sabalia, which can be very effective and safe for adult and children alike. So before reaching for the antihistamines this season, try these natural alternatives first!

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