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  • Melissa Ieraci

A Case of Psoriasis and Homeopathy

Patients are often surprised on how personal a homeopathic consultation can get. After being used to reiterating their diagnosis to so many health care providers they are confused, excited and sometimes even frustrated when I ask questions that seem totally unrelated. However, it is usually these seemingly unrelated questions that often point me to the right homeopathic remedy and cure. Such was the case for Stephanie*. Stephanie had come seeking help for her psoriasis. She was 35 years old, tall with beautiful long blond hair and a pinkish complexion. She had red, scaly-silvery patches that were very itchy and uncomfortable. The itchiness was felt the worst at night in bed, where she would scratch until she bled. These patches were located around her eyebrows, her hairline and arms but they were felt worst on her torso and thighs. Being a school teacher she would get self-conscious when her students would ask about them and would wear long-sleeved shirts although she often felt warm in her classroom. Stephanie also had problems with her digestion. Her gall bladder had been removed some years back and although she loved cheese and other fatty foods she could not eat them because she would get gassy and have to run to the washroom. After accumulating quite a bit of information about her health history I proceeded to ask about her sensitivities, specifically about how she reacts and deals with confrontation. She was a bit taken aback on my first inquiry but began opening up about her personal life as we were getting more and more comfortable with each other. She revealed that she hated confrontation and that because of this she was always agreeing to do things for people although she would be stretching herself thin to do so. When she, herself was confronted, for example even in a small argument with her husband, she would cry. In fact any emotional situation would result in tears for Stephanie. “I hate that about myself,” she said, “I have always been like that, every time I have been upset, even as a child I would immediately start to cry.” After confiding that she felt better after she cried, preferred consolation and to be in company, I decided to prescribe Pulsatilla. If you have herd of Pulsatilla before you know it is often a children’s remedy, prescribed to whiny, weepy children who cling to their mothers when they are sick. Obviously, in Stephanie’s case the weeping was not as severe, but it affected her life, especially her relationships. I decided that based on her weepy nature as well as her history of stomach complaints with fatty, rich foods, which is very common in patients needing Pulsatilla, that it would be a good fit. One month after taking the remedy Stephanie returned for her first follow-up visit. Immediately the first thing I noticed was she was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and the eruptions on her arms were gone. “Everything has cleared up.” she reported. “There has been a huge improvement. Everything that was on on my arms is now gone. My legs are also clear. There are some markings on my lower abdomen and some parts on the thighs, but they have diminished considerably.” After a couple of more follow-ups the psoriasis had cleared up and Stephanie also began finding the confidence to say no to relatives when they asked too much of her. A task she was never able to do before. This case is an excellent example of how homeopathy is most effective when a prescription is not just based on physical complaints but takes all into light, especially the mental and emotional nature of the individual. Homeopathy is truly holistic in this sense and great alternative or complimentary treatment for most health concerns.

*Name has been changed for confidentiality.

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