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A Very Simple and Effective DIY Non-Toxic Deodorant plus Avoid these Ingredients Always

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The number of immune disorders, neurological disorders, allergies and hormonal imbalanced have skyrocketed in the last decade and these dysfunctions are often attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors. The average person has 400 to 800 chemicals stored in their fat cells and according to the Environmental protection agency (EPA), there are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market and less than 1% have been studied for safety!

It’s time to start detoxifying our homes and make positive changes in our day-to-day lives so that we may raise a “green” environmentally friendly family!

The average person uses nine products on their body daily, averaging a total of 126 ingredients per day! Your skin is transdermal allowing things to pass right through into your body. Toothpaste, soap, cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, moisturizer, foundation, perfume, deodorant, sunblock. Are you sure they are all safe for your kids, and for you? While we can’t (and don’t want to!) keep things from passing through our skin, we can choose to limit the chemicals we use in our beauty products. The following are a list of products and ingredients to avoid whenever possible.

Phthalates: Chemicals plasticizers that have been used since the 1950’s. They soften plastic without leaching to the plastic... so they will leach to whatever they are in. They keep nail polish from chipping and hair spray from being too stiff. They are in everything from from lotions to toys, electronics to plastic containers. They are even in the teethers that babies suck on!

We are not 100% certain about the risks of phthalates, but evidence indicates that they are associated with asthma, early onset puberty, and kidney and liver cancer. Parabens: Prevent the growth of microbes. Parabens are found in huge array of personal products, and they can absorbed through the skin, blood and the digestive system. They are linked to endocrine disruption, cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity. Luckily, it is becoming easier to find products that are paraben free. Triclosan: Antimicrobial agent (reduces bacterial contamination). Triclosan has been linked to hormone disruptors, and to bacterial resistance to antibodies and antibacterial products. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified triclosan in the urine of 75% of people tested, a pretty clear indication that triclosan accumulates in our bodies. Toluene: Toxic chemical used in nail products and hair dyes. Exposure to toluene can result in temporary issues such as headaches, dizziness, and cracked skin, and more serious issues such as reproductive damage and respiratory problems.

DIY Non-Toxic Deodorant

Drugstore-variety antiperspirants and deodorants are loaded with toxic, health-disrupting chemicals. The most notorious offender is aluminum. Studies conflict on whether or not aluminum in antiperspirant causes breast cancer, but the facts remain that: 1) Aluminum is genotoxic, which means it has the ability to mutate our genes, and, 2) Aluminum interferes with estrogen receptors in breast tissue. I’d rather be safe then sorry, and that’s why I made the switch from these chemical-laden products to this easy DIY Non-Toxic Deodorant.

Ingredients: 1 1/3 cups extra virgin coconut oil 1 1/2 tablespoons beeswax beads 1/4 cup baking soda 3/4 cup arrowroot starch 2 tablespoons clay (I used white kanolin clay for sensitive skin) 30 drops of your selected essential oils, divided (see below)

Each oil has antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties which make them excellent additions to your DIY Deodorant. Combine two or three of the following oils to your deodorant.

Tea Tree- Works alongside your body to eliminate rather than mask odor.

Thyme- naturally balances out hormone levels in the body and may be useful in hormonal “stress sweat”.

Clary Sage- is know for producing an elating and euphoric effect, leaving you feeling confident.

Bergamot- has the ability to reduce dark spots and even out the skin tone.

Other Odor-Eliminating EOs:

Rosemary, Mandarin, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Clove Leaf, Lemon Directions: Melt coconut oil and beeswax together over low heat until just barely melted. Remove from heat. Add remaining ingredients except essential oils. Let cool, stirring every 5 minutes or so, until it hardens to a pudding consistency. Put in the fridge to speed this up, checking and stirring frequently. Add essential oils and mix well. Spoon into empty deodorant containers or glass jars. Let harden overnight in a cool location. You can speed this up by putting in the fridge to harden. To apply, use about 1/8 teaspoon for each arm. Makes 3 deodorants.

For more Non-toxic DIY recipes check out my DIY Shea Lavender Diaper Cream!

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